Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Random Rants

Massachusets lawmakers have decided to adjourn until after the November elections rather than deal with a bill regarding same sex marriage. Bunch of weenies!

Georgia's new law regarding photo ID cards for voters was struck down by two judges as unfair. So, all you need to vote is to show up with a utility bill (anyone's would do, I guess, who would know?), or a laundry ticket or whatever. That'll sure stop voter fraud in its tracks! Anyone care to guess if the judges are liberal or conservative? PC is alive and well in Georgia!

North Korea is in serious trouble now! The all-powerfull United Nations has imposed their dreaded sanctions on them for test firing rockets. Y'all remember how that brought Saddam Hussein to his knees, don't you? Right!

And finally, Newt Gingrich was right on the money, once again, when he chided the folks at the G-8 Summit for issuing a statement urging Israel to use restraint in dealing with the low-life Hezbollah for kidnapping two of their soldiers and attacking their country for no apparent reason. Can you imagine the response had we been told to 'cool it' after 9/11? One more ridiculous case of global PC!

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