Wednesday, August 02, 2006

George W. Bush: Between Iraq And A Hard Place

Abraham Lincoln had it rough. Civil War and all. Franklin D. Roosevelt also had it rough. Depression, World War II. No doubt about it. This country has been through some very trying times in its young history, but no President since day 'one' has been through anything to compare with the incessant trials of one George W. Bush.

Upon taking office, Bush inherited a decimated military, a virtually non-existent human intelligence network, and an economy that was headed for the dumper. Scream all you want, this is truth.

Let's sort it out. Recession. September 11th. Terrorism. Afghanistan. Iraq. Katrina. Immigration. And a far-left agenda driven by a personal hatred of him and all he stands for. Need I go on? Sounds like a hard place to me!

This nation sadly lost 11,000 troops in ONE DAY on the beaches at Normandy during World War II and General Dwight D. Eisenhower is, to this day, a legend and a hero. This is not a judgment, but merely an observation. Had this happened in today's political climate, where would the good General stand in the eyes of those who hate Bush so vehemently? Would they have even noticed? Or cared?

We still have troops in Germany (60 years later), Korea (50 years later), Bosnia, and, for some reason I have never understood, Haiti. Where are the cries to bring them home? Sorry, I can't hear you!

The Supreme Court recently ruled that the fewer than five hundred 'detainees' at Guantanamo are entitled to protection and treatment according to the Geneva Convention. Wrong on two counts. First, these people have no rights under the Geneva Convention because they wear no uniform nor are they members of an established military of any country. They are alleged terrorists, for God's sake! Second, the Supreme Court has no constitutional powers over matters of war, declared or not. Our government arrested eight German 'residents' during World War II for espionage. Six were hanged as spies. The Supreme Court would not, and did not, get involved on the basis they had no constitutional authority to grant cert. They simply looked the other way. Oh, for the good old days!

Immigration. What a colossal mess! This big fat albotross has been around our collective necks since the Jimmy Carter era, or maybe even before that. In keeping with his inimitable leadership style, Carter didn't know how to deal with the problem, so he didn't. Good ol' Jimmy! Then Reagan made a total mess of it with his ill-fated amnesty plan, and Bush senior and Clinton just sort of turned their backs, hoping it would all go away. Well, it didn't! And, so here we are! Another golden opportunity for the PC crowd to trash the Prez for something he didn't do. And, they are all over it! The answer definitely does not lie in amnesty, fencing in the country, putting troops on the border, etc. These are nothing but 'band-aid' remedies. The real answer, which no one talks about, lies in someone having the political fortitude to wade through the layers of politically correct bureaucracy that exist in the State Department, until, bottom line, this country completely changes the way it does business.

Meanwhile, back at reality..........

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