Thursday, August 24, 2006

Global Warming Alert!!!

Hey, maybe there is something to all this global warming stuff the tree huggers are trying to sell us. Maybe Al Gore was really right after all! Do you really think so? Nah!!! Sorry, lost my head for a minute. Okay, folks on the left, this is just for fun. I heard a couple of stories I thought were cute, saw a way to poke a little political fun, and so I went for it. Nothing serious, so get over it:

Bubba says, "Man, it was sure hot in Alabama today!" Junior, being the easy mark that he is, appropriately asked, "How hot was it, Bubba?" Bubba replies, "It was SO hot in Alabama today the corn started popping right out in the fields, the cows thought it was snowing so they laid down and froze to death! Now, that's hot!"

And then, Bubba says, "Man it was sure hot in Arkansas today!" Junior, being the easy mark that he is, then asked the obligatory, "Hey Bubba, how hot was it in Arkansas today?" To which Bubba replied, "It was SO hot in Arkansas today the hogs all melted, the grease ran out into the fields, so the farmers planted french fries! Now that's hot!"

Now THAT'S ridiculous! Or is it?

Just in case you're wondering if maybe I've gone completely over the edge (and I don't really want to know your thoughts on this), I do happen to have one more rural story to share with y'all:

A traveling saleman is driving down a back country lane when he notices a farmer holding a goat high up into an apple tree. Got him right around the chest with all four legs in the air. The goat is having a big time, quite casually munching away on the apples with no apparent regard for the farmer, or the time of day. The salesman stops his car, lowers the window, and says, "Hey there, wouldn't it be a lot quicker and easier if you just let that goat eat the apples that have already fallen to the ground?" The farmer gave the salesman an incredulous look, and replied, "Time don't mean nothing to a goat!" Now, you may ask, how does this story relate to politics? Good question! Better answer: Picture the farmer as the United States Government. Now picture the goat as a healthy young welfare recipient who has figured out how to beat the system. Got it? Liberalism at its grass roots level!

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Kathy T. said...

You're so full of it! Hasn't the welfare system been reformed and didn't I just see a big news article that the reform measures are working? Yet there you are... still pointing fingers. Sheesh.

Here you go:,pubID.24809/pub_detail.asp