Thursday, August 10, 2006

Global Warming: Fact Or Just A Bunch Of Hot Air?

The bottom line is, nobody really knows. I don't. You don't. Al Gore says he does, but he also says he invented the internet, so there you have it. I know the PC'rs won't touch this with a ten foot thermometer, but I do have my own theory about global warming: Does it not stand to reason that if all the politicians in the world were to keep their collective mouths shut for an extended period of time, the source of most of the hot air in the world would then be eliminated? Hence, no more global warming! Pretty simple! Probably have to wear a sweater in some places!

MASSACHUSETTS, A SAD STATE (OF AFFAIRS): The Massachusetts state legislature ran for the hills without passing a bill that would give free college tuition to veterans returning from the war in Iraq. In keeping with the way business is conducted in the 'blue states', however, if you are an illegal alien you can receive free tuition and other benefits. Insane! Can you say 'vote these clowns out of office'?

ISRAEL, THOSE BIG, BAD BULLIES: Excuse me, did I hear something wrong? I was under the impression those lovable Hezbollah folks fired a bunch of missiles into Israel, killing and wounding dozens of Israeli citizens in the process, and then they kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. Totally unprovoked, by the way. That's what I thought I heard, but I must have been mistaken. I must have been out-FOXED (get it?)! Now I'm hearing the WWL crowd (world wide liberals) is demanding that Israel not only stop the air attacks, but immediately withdraw their troops from Lebanon. Oh yeah, then they should apologize for their unwarranted aggression. I keep telling you that political correctness is the world's number one enemy. This proves it!

MEL GIBSON: Thank God all the problems of the world have been solved. No more war, hunger, or sickeness. All better now! NOT! I can understand a couple of days of coverage about Gibson's drinking spree, subsequent arrest, stupid remarks, and all. Famous guy screws up, pays the price with some well deserved ugly publicity. But, hey guys, enough is enough! Let it go! Get over it! There are certainly bigger fish to fry than this! We have some very serious problems in our world and, believe me, this ain't one of them!

To make matters worse, his father is being demonized all over again for anti-semitic remarks he NEVER made. During the pre-release hype of 'The Passion', the lefties were on their total Gibson family smear campaign. Dad was quoted as saying the holocaust never happened. That it was made up to gain enduring sympathy for the Jews. He paid a tremendous personal price for these lies, and the liberal press, in all its gory (no, I spelled it right) was being its characteristically vicious self. All he ever did was to question the validity of the number of Jews that were actually killed, noting that six million seemed to be an exaggerated figure for the time period involved. Some historians have posed the same question. Not exactly anti-semitic.

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Dee said...

veterans should have the free education, not those who are not even citizens of this country.