Sunday, August 27, 2006

PGA Goes Politically Correct

Okay, I've seen it all now, folks! Historically, or even almost forever, when two or more players are tied at the end of a professional golf tournament, there is, in all but the rarest of cases, a 'sudden death' playoff. The players play extra holes until one of the players wins a hole outright. Then it's over. Right? Right!

That part of all this is still true, but a PC'r must have somehow gotten involved behind the scenes, and not being up to speed on golf terminology, thought that 'sudden death' meant the losing player or players involved had to be killed 'graveyard dead' at the conclusion of the match. You know, bludgeon them with a mashie niblick (a seven iron if memory serves me right), and then bury the bodies in a bunker on the back nine! I'm sorry, but this is totally unacceptable and unthinkable behavior for any self respecting PC'r. And so.....

.....Check this out: This past weekend, Tiger and Cink are tied after 72 holes at beautiful Firestone Country Club (been there). Time for 'sudden death', right? WRONG! No more 'sudden death' for the PGA! It just ain't politically correct anymore. SO...get a 'grip' sports fans, they played a 'hole to hole' playoff. It looked like 'sudden death' to me, but what do I know? The announcers called it 'hole to hole', the graphic on TV said it was 'hole to hole', so if it sounds like 'hole to hole' and it looks like 'hole to hole' then it must be 'hole to hole'!

Is nothing sacred anymore? It seems that whenever 'political correctness' is involved, we end up getting the 'shaft'!

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Anonymous said...

I like "hole to hole playoff" better - I must be a PCer!!!!