Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Excuse Me, It's Time For My Naive Pill

Here's an idea (I know, I know, treat it kindly, it's in a strange place)! So, why don't we store all of our military weapons, ammunition, equipment and such in the National Cathedral, St. Paul's Cathedral and other such fine cathedrals, churches and shrines across the country? We could even billet the majority of our military there.

This really is a great idea! Read on!

Understand, the Muslim terrorists do this all the time, and according to the rules of engagement, their mosques are sacred and therefore exempt from attack, right? So, we could stockpile all our military ordnance in these places and it would be completely safe from attack by the terrorists, right? After all, the rules of engagement mean the same thing for both sides, just like the terms of the Geneva Convention, right? We should all feel quite confident, as fair minded as they are (for terrorists), that they would never violate the rules, right?

And, we could save millions of dollars every year because we would no longer need as many military bases, right? Just close all those obsolete suckers down, right? And, think about all the money we could save on warehousing and shipping, right? Military convoys would be reduced to a minimum, so think of the gas money we would save, right? Just strategically place our military stuff in church buildings all across the country, so it's there when we need it, right? And it would be so much safer than if we stored it in military installations where the terrorists might actually try to blow it up, right?

And, HERE IS THE BEST PART: When the ACLU and the folks on the far left get finished secularizing our country, and Christianity is nothing more than a faint memory, we would no longer have any use for all those empty churches and cathedrals anyway!

Excuse me, it's time for my naive pill!

Monday, September 25, 2006

'Tis Just A Game, Mate!

Golf: One of the last bastions of professional sports where decency, honor and integrity still prevail. The pros, of course, play an entirely different game than does this hacker. I only call what I do 'golf' because all the other four letter words have been taken!

Okay, you may be asking, when did ol' Dougie become a sports writer? Answer: Now, and for this time only. I want to share an experience I had two years ago during the 2004 Ryder Cup. I shall then retire as a sports writer forthwith (did I just hear cheers from the gallery?).

September 2004, my brother and sister-in-law, my wife and myself were 'on holiday' as they say over there, and happened to be on a catamaran ferry from Belfast, Ireland back to Scotland on the last night of our trip. It was the final day of the 2004 Ryder Cup. We were sitting in the lounge watching as Belfast harbor slowly faded into the misty night. The area in front of the big-screen TV was filled with locals who, rightfully so, were whooping it up as the Europeans were beating the American team like a drum.

For some unknown reason I decided to watch the debacle close up. I picked up my 'wee dram', walked over and sat down right in the midst of this wildy cheering group of Brits, announcing as I settled in, "Guys, I am not here to start trouble, I only want to watch the golf". The chap (British for 'guy') sitting at my immediate right reached over, slapped me on the leg, grinned, and said, "'Tis just a game, mate".

Well, it seems we got our butts thoroughly thumped again this year, but before we get all worked up about the Europeans beating us at our 'own game', we need to remember that golf is not our 'own game'. Golf was being played in Great Britain three hundred years before our great Nation was even a gleam in our fore fathers' collective eyes. The Old Course at Saint Andrews is five hundred years old, and believe me, you can definitely feel the history and tradition in the air. It is Mecca for the golf world.

Win or lose, one thing is for sure. The sun will come up in the morning. Of course, it will come up six hours earlier for the winners. And I, for one, congratulate them for a great tournament. And I applaud both teams for their great sportsmanship and camaraderie. We could all learn from this. After all...
...'tis just a game, mate!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Daffy Deftynitions And Random Rants

Daffy Deftynitions:

"Federal 'Wetness' Protection Program" - A misnomer attributed
to Ray Nagin.

"Apolitical" - 1. Not concerned with political matters.
2. A form of denial by a person or persons
unwilling to admit to possessing liberal

Random 'Rants'

John Kerry recently spoke about his faith and commitment to the Roman Catholic Church for the first time. I sincerely applaud him for doing so, not that he would give a whit about me, or what I may think. He spoke quite sincerely about losing his faith during the Vietnam war, then regaining it years later when a close friend passed away.

The question(s)in my mind would be: Where does he stand, and how would he vote, on abortion, and same sex marriage?

Christianity, as I understand it, is not a 'pick and choose' religion.


I was going to do a 'Rant' about how the liberals have no real message. You can actually hear it in every word they say. But Rosie O'donnell stole my thunder and proved my point all at the same time. Thanks for nothing (so to speak).

My rationale comes from the fact that there are very few successful liberal radio talk shows, Air America is on the verge of going 'belly up', and the TV network news shows are losing viewers on a steady basis. Rush continues to 'rule the roost' on radio, while Liddy and Savage and many, many others are extremely popular. Fox News continues to increase its audience over CNN, while MSNBC and CNBC continue to languish. Gotta be a reason! The message? That would be my guess.


I know I have said this many times before, but I sincerely believe that 'political correctness' is the number one threat to this nation and it will bring us to our collective knees, both politically and morally, unless those of us on the right take a long, hard stand against the liberal agenda folks. We must defeat their agenda if we are to win the war against terrorism.

If World War II had been fought in these times, in this political climate, we would be eating wiener schnitzel on rice today.

...And voting the Democrats into office in November will only make things worse than they already are...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yesterday Was Not The Day

Tuesday, September 12. I just couldn't bring myself to write about 9/11 yesterday. Instead, I decided I would just 'soak up' the television coverage, re-live the emotions and the images from five years ago, and basically just refresh the memories that none of us ever will, or should, forget.

That lasted for about a full five minutes! Then, the inimitable Senator Charles Schumer spent several minutes on FOX News Channel railing about the failures and inadequacies of the Department of Homeland Security, thereby de-railing the mood of the moment. He may have been exactly right. Most of our government agencies do seem to pride themselves on failure and inadequacy. BUT YESTERDAY WAS NOT THE DAY! Yesterday was to remember, to honor, to pray. Not to be political.

Sadly, President Bush also chose to be political. Although I felt his message was right, I thought his timing was totally wrong.

And finally, the very worst possible way to end an otherwise crummy newsday happened: Senator Ted Kennedy went off on the President for 'politicizing' the events of the day. I guess it was okay for Mr. Schumer to do it, but not the President. Whatever! And, seeing Ol' Ted that late in the evening can cause serious nightmares!

I wish they had all just stayed out of it, stayed at home, and let us fend for ourselves.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Anonymous? Shanonymous!!!

Definition - Anonymous: 1. With no name known or acknowledged.
2. Given, written, etc. by a person whose name is withheld.

Definition - Synonymous: 1. Of the same or nearly the same meaning, i.e., as, 'big
chicken' being synonymous with 'coward' or 'fraidy cat'.

Definition - Antonymous: 1. Of, or having the nature of, an antonym, i.e., a word
whose meaning is opposite to that of another word, as,
'brave' or 'courageous' being the antonym of 'big
chicken' or 'coward' or 'fraidy cat'.

This concludes your English lesson for today. Thank God! Actually, I just looked all that up in my trusty Webster, so I think I can safely assume that Snopes will not dispute such a brilliant piece of work as this. Of course, we all know what happens when you assume.....

So why, you may be asking, did I go to such great lengths to look up words in the dictionary? Valid question, if you ask me, which I just assumed you did, and we all know what happens when you assume......
.....so I'm going to give you my very best, most heart felt, answer.

I have been receiving a plethora (fancy word for bunch) of comments in response to various 'Rants' I have published on my blog site. They vary in content, but most take issue with what I believe and say. That is fine. This entire blog thing is about dialogue. You hear me out, I hear you out. We can agree to disagree, and that's fine. We have exchanged ideas and thought processes. And it never should get personal or ugly. When that happens, I'm outa' here!

So what's my beef? Most of the comments I receive are from some joker(s) named 'Anonymous'. I don't know if it is Fred or Ernestine or Mabel or Maxwell or whomever. Just 'Anonymous'. I am sorry, but that just ain't gonna get it no more! From this day forward I promise you I will publish your comments, regardless of content (unless they are filthy or dishonest), everytime, if they are legitimately signed. I also promise you I will immediately delete any and all comments from Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Anonymous, or whoever the hell you are. If you don't have the courage of your convictions, please don't waste my time.

I spend a lot of time formulating my 'Rants' and I certainly don't expect everyone out there to agree with everything I write. How boring would that be? I do expect, however, a certain degree of respect for having the guts to put a name and a face to what I believe, and I find it quite sad that someone would not have that same respect for themselves.

Anonymous? Shanonymous!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

See You Later Alligator.....

The animal world lost an ally and friend this weekend. The people world lost one of the 'good guys'. Steve Irwin, the 'Crocodile Hunter', died as a result of a freak accident involving a sting ray. I guess we all know the details by now.

Steve Irwin was a breath of fresh air in a world otherwise wrought with the pressures of international strife. He was the quintessential "time out" guy. Take a break. Put your problems aside for a few minutes. Enjoy the fun. A laughable few moments away from all the political 'crap', terrorism and such that overwhelms us each and everyday. He was there to entertain us, and he did it well. A combination of fun and education mixed with an element of danger, just to keep our hearts in our throats.

Best of all, he had an obvious passion for life. There is no doubt he immensely enjoyed his work, his play, his calling. And he shared that gift with us all. And we were blessed. And we could all learn from him.

He died doing what he loved. He was one of the lucky ones who lived his passion to the fullest. Is there a better way to leave this life for the 'life eternal'? I think not. So, Steve, instead of saying goodby, for now let's just leave it at this....

.....after while, crocodile!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Retraction: Hutton Gibson

When you are wrong, you are wrong, and I was wrong. Totally! Actually, I was wronger than wrong. I completely blew this one!

Recently, I 'ranted' about Mel Gibson's treatment by the mainstream media and how unrelenting they can be when someone of fame and/or fortune, especially someone they despise, makes a mistake. This is not to say he didn't deserve a fair amount of coverage for his 'screw up', he most certainly did. However, I feel the media soft peddled and/or simply ignored events much more newsworthy so they could continue their 'overkill' journalism of ol' Mel. Far be it for them to let mercy or compassion get in the way of their agenda. My point being, there are certainly a lot more serious issues going on in this world of ours than Mel's drinking problem.

However, I also included, as a way of making my point, a paragraph about the media unfairly attacking Mel's dad, Hutton Gibson, by allegedly putting words in his mouth regarding statements he made about the validity of the Holocaust in an attempt to discredit the "Passion of the Christ". WRONG!

It turns out that Mr. Gibson did say all those things! Ain't no alleged about it! He is, quite obviously, a vile, despicable person. Simply calling him antisemetic may be too kind.

Sadly, I did not even need to include this information in order to make my point about the unfairness of the media. I found the article I quoted from on the internet, went to Snopes, could find nothing about Hutton Gibson to refute it, so I decided to use it. Bad decision!

A friend sent me an actual interview of Mr. Hutton by the Movie City News. To check it out for yourself go to www.speakyourpiece.net, click on #4, and draw your own conclusions.

I WILL defend the premise of my piece, which was soley to point out the unrelenting 'witch hunt' journalistic techniques of the mainstream media, and NOT to defend Mr. Gibson's personal views, which I now find to be totally indefensible. I sincerely apologize for basing my opinion of Mr. Gibson and his views on one single article, which, as it turns out, was totally erroneous. I will do better.