Sunday, September 10, 2006

Anonymous? Shanonymous!!!

Definition - Anonymous: 1. With no name known or acknowledged.
2. Given, written, etc. by a person whose name is withheld.

Definition - Synonymous: 1. Of the same or nearly the same meaning, i.e., as, 'big
chicken' being synonymous with 'coward' or 'fraidy cat'.

Definition - Antonymous: 1. Of, or having the nature of, an antonym, i.e., a word
whose meaning is opposite to that of another word, as,
'brave' or 'courageous' being the antonym of 'big
chicken' or 'coward' or 'fraidy cat'.

This concludes your English lesson for today. Thank God! Actually, I just looked all that up in my trusty Webster, so I think I can safely assume that Snopes will not dispute such a brilliant piece of work as this. Of course, we all know what happens when you assume.....

So why, you may be asking, did I go to such great lengths to look up words in the dictionary? Valid question, if you ask me, which I just assumed you did, and we all know what happens when you assume...... I'm going to give you my very best, most heart felt, answer.

I have been receiving a plethora (fancy word for bunch) of comments in response to various 'Rants' I have published on my blog site. They vary in content, but most take issue with what I believe and say. That is fine. This entire blog thing is about dialogue. You hear me out, I hear you out. We can agree to disagree, and that's fine. We have exchanged ideas and thought processes. And it never should get personal or ugly. When that happens, I'm outa' here!

So what's my beef? Most of the comments I receive are from some joker(s) named 'Anonymous'. I don't know if it is Fred or Ernestine or Mabel or Maxwell or whomever. Just 'Anonymous'. I am sorry, but that just ain't gonna get it no more! From this day forward I promise you I will publish your comments, regardless of content (unless they are filthy or dishonest), everytime, if they are legitimately signed. I also promise you I will immediately delete any and all comments from Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Anonymous, or whoever the hell you are. If you don't have the courage of your convictions, please don't waste my time.

I spend a lot of time formulating my 'Rants' and I certainly don't expect everyone out there to agree with everything I write. How boring would that be? I do expect, however, a certain degree of respect for having the guts to put a name and a face to what I believe, and I find it quite sad that someone would not have that same respect for themselves.

Anonymous? Shanonymous!!!


Kathy T. said...

I get a lot of anonymous comments on my LaVergne blog and I agree that it smells cowardly. However, there is a new Beta version of blogger being tested right now and some folks can't sign in and comment. I've suggeted to these folks that they post anonymous so they can comment, but sign their first name at the end or blogger name or whatever.

Kathy T. said...

Oh... and sometimes if they don't have a blogger account, they have to comment as "anonymous". I think it's fair to say that the bloggers of middle Tennessee (especially those of Nashville is Talking) would never ever ever ever ever ever be afraid to sign their names (or blog names).