Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Daffy Deftynitions And Random Rants

Daffy Deftynitions:

"Federal 'Wetness' Protection Program" - A misnomer attributed
to Ray Nagin.

"Apolitical" - 1. Not concerned with political matters.
2. A form of denial by a person or persons
unwilling to admit to possessing liberal

Random 'Rants'

John Kerry recently spoke about his faith and commitment to the Roman Catholic Church for the first time. I sincerely applaud him for doing so, not that he would give a whit about me, or what I may think. He spoke quite sincerely about losing his faith during the Vietnam war, then regaining it years later when a close friend passed away.

The question(s)in my mind would be: Where does he stand, and how would he vote, on abortion, and same sex marriage?

Christianity, as I understand it, is not a 'pick and choose' religion.


I was going to do a 'Rant' about how the liberals have no real message. You can actually hear it in every word they say. But Rosie O'donnell stole my thunder and proved my point all at the same time. Thanks for nothing (so to speak).

My rationale comes from the fact that there are very few successful liberal radio talk shows, Air America is on the verge of going 'belly up', and the TV network news shows are losing viewers on a steady basis. Rush continues to 'rule the roost' on radio, while Liddy and Savage and many, many others are extremely popular. Fox News continues to increase its audience over CNN, while MSNBC and CNBC continue to languish. Gotta be a reason! The message? That would be my guess.


I know I have said this many times before, but I sincerely believe that 'political correctness' is the number one threat to this nation and it will bring us to our collective knees, both politically and morally, unless those of us on the right take a long, hard stand against the liberal agenda folks. We must defeat their agenda if we are to win the war against terrorism.

If World War II had been fought in these times, in this political climate, we would be eating wiener schnitzel on rice today.

...And voting the Democrats into office in November will only make things worse than they already are...

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