Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Excuse Me, It's Time For My Naive Pill

Here's an idea (I know, I know, treat it kindly, it's in a strange place)! So, why don't we store all of our military weapons, ammunition, equipment and such in the National Cathedral, St. Paul's Cathedral and other such fine cathedrals, churches and shrines across the country? We could even billet the majority of our military there.

This really is a great idea! Read on!

Understand, the Muslim terrorists do this all the time, and according to the rules of engagement, their mosques are sacred and therefore exempt from attack, right? So, we could stockpile all our military ordnance in these places and it would be completely safe from attack by the terrorists, right? After all, the rules of engagement mean the same thing for both sides, just like the terms of the Geneva Convention, right? We should all feel quite confident, as fair minded as they are (for terrorists), that they would never violate the rules, right?

And, we could save millions of dollars every year because we would no longer need as many military bases, right? Just close all those obsolete suckers down, right? And, think about all the money we could save on warehousing and shipping, right? Military convoys would be reduced to a minimum, so think of the gas money we would save, right? Just strategically place our military stuff in church buildings all across the country, so it's there when we need it, right? And it would be so much safer than if we stored it in military installations where the terrorists might actually try to blow it up, right?

And, HERE IS THE BEST PART: When the ACLU and the folks on the far left get finished secularizing our country, and Christianity is nothing more than a faint memory, we would no longer have any use for all those empty churches and cathedrals anyway!

Excuse me, it's time for my naive pill!

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