Friday, September 01, 2006

Retraction: Hutton Gibson

When you are wrong, you are wrong, and I was wrong. Totally! Actually, I was wronger than wrong. I completely blew this one!

Recently, I 'ranted' about Mel Gibson's treatment by the mainstream media and how unrelenting they can be when someone of fame and/or fortune, especially someone they despise, makes a mistake. This is not to say he didn't deserve a fair amount of coverage for his 'screw up', he most certainly did. However, I feel the media soft peddled and/or simply ignored events much more newsworthy so they could continue their 'overkill' journalism of ol' Mel. Far be it for them to let mercy or compassion get in the way of their agenda. My point being, there are certainly a lot more serious issues going on in this world of ours than Mel's drinking problem.

However, I also included, as a way of making my point, a paragraph about the media unfairly attacking Mel's dad, Hutton Gibson, by allegedly putting words in his mouth regarding statements he made about the validity of the Holocaust in an attempt to discredit the "Passion of the Christ". WRONG!

It turns out that Mr. Gibson did say all those things! Ain't no alleged about it! He is, quite obviously, a vile, despicable person. Simply calling him antisemetic may be too kind.

Sadly, I did not even need to include this information in order to make my point about the unfairness of the media. I found the article I quoted from on the internet, went to Snopes, could find nothing about Hutton Gibson to refute it, so I decided to use it. Bad decision!

A friend sent me an actual interview of Mr. Hutton by the Movie City News. To check it out for yourself go to, click on #4, and draw your own conclusions.

I WILL defend the premise of my piece, which was soley to point out the unrelenting 'witch hunt' journalistic techniques of the mainstream media, and NOT to defend Mr. Gibson's personal views, which I now find to be totally indefensible. I sincerely apologize for basing my opinion of Mr. Gibson and his views on one single article, which, as it turns out, was totally erroneous. I will do better.


Anonymous said...

I guess this can be accepted as a "qualified retraction".

Anonymous said...

That's Hutton Gibson!