Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yesterday Was Not The Day

Tuesday, September 12. I just couldn't bring myself to write about 9/11 yesterday. Instead, I decided I would just 'soak up' the television coverage, re-live the emotions and the images from five years ago, and basically just refresh the memories that none of us ever will, or should, forget.

That lasted for about a full five minutes! Then, the inimitable Senator Charles Schumer spent several minutes on FOX News Channel railing about the failures and inadequacies of the Department of Homeland Security, thereby de-railing the mood of the moment. He may have been exactly right. Most of our government agencies do seem to pride themselves on failure and inadequacy. BUT YESTERDAY WAS NOT THE DAY! Yesterday was to remember, to honor, to pray. Not to be political.

Sadly, President Bush also chose to be political. Although I felt his message was right, I thought his timing was totally wrong.

And finally, the very worst possible way to end an otherwise crummy newsday happened: Senator Ted Kennedy went off on the President for 'politicizing' the events of the day. I guess it was okay for Mr. Schumer to do it, but not the President. Whatever! And, seeing Ol' Ted that late in the evening can cause serious nightmares!

I wish they had all just stayed out of it, stayed at home, and let us fend for ourselves.

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