Thursday, October 26, 2006

Random Rants To Rile The Left

"FREE BEER - PAY TOILETS" There was a time when I thought this was a wonderfully funny line! But, if you take the time to really analyze the concept, you come to realize it pretty well captures the essence of liberalism. And there ain't nothin' funny 'bout that! Eventually, the free beer will be gone. Then what?

"CAN YOU SAY TACKY?" Can anyone out there tell me exactly why the RNC paid for the very ridiculous, and very tacky, commercial about Harold Ford at the Playboy Club? What, if I may ask, does that have to do with his ability or inability to be a member of Congress? I certainly have no plans to vote for the man, but not because he likes football and girls.

"COULD THIS REALLY BE TRUE?" I couldn't find a reference to this in Snopes, but I received this from a very reliable source (the internet, hah). At a recent Democratic fundraiser in New York, Bill Clinton was reported to have asked Ted Kennedy if he would give Hillary a ride home. It's just a joke, okay?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Humor Alert! Humor Alert! Humor Alert!

Humor alert! Humor alert! Humor alert! That should get the 'secular progressives' pretty well worked up without another word! It seems they don't like, or don't get, my sense of humor. Or both! Don't care!

Further disclaimer: This is NOT a true story, it is a JOKE!

There is a rally for liberals, and the crowd is entirely liberal with the exception of one little old lady who is totally, completely conservative. Working the crowd, the man hosting the event yells, "How many liberals do we have here?", and the crowd went ballistic, hollering and screaming. Total excitement. The people were in a frenzy. All except the little, conservative lady who, by happenstance, was sitting 'front row' in front of the podium, quietly composed. Of course, the host, not seeing a positive response, singled her out, and asked, "Madam, are you not a liberal?" She proceeded to stare him in the eye, and with total indignance, replied, "No, I happen to be a life-long conservative, and I'm proud of it!" The man then asked, "And, just WHY are you a conservative?" She replied, "My daddy was a conservative, my grand-daddy was a conservative, and so I am also a conservative." To which he replied, "Madam, may I ask, if your daddy was an idiot, and your grand-daddy was an idiot, THEN what would you be?" Her answer, "Why THEN sir, I would be a liberal!"

End of joke!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Election Preflections!

Firstly, some additional information that has come to light since my last 'Rant' regarding Harold Ford, Jr: It has been reported that all, as in one hundred percent, of Bob Corker's campaign contributions have come from within the State of Tennessee, as it should be. Mr. Ford's money, on the other hand, has come primarily from New York and California with only around twenty percent coming from within Tennessee and most of that from Memphis.

Does this strike you as odd? It certainly does me. I am not making accusations, only asking much needed questions. I would wonder, if I were a Ford supporter (and I'm not), is Ol' Harold in somebody's pocket? Why would folks from New York and California be trying to buy an election in Tennessee? Maybe Mr. Ford has not fallen as far from the tree as he would like us to believe!

Secondly, the marriage amendment. This is not an amendment to change anything we already have. Vote "YES" if you want our Constitution to protect these already existing laws that say a legal marriage is between a man and a woman.

There have been reports of poll workers in certain areas of the state telling people the amendment is meant to change the present laws, and they should vote "NO" to keep things as they are. Kinda crummy, if you ask me. And illegal. But not surprising. These secular progressive folks will stop at nothing to further their agenda.

Thirdly, as I understand it, the marriage amendment must pass by a majority vote of the total number of votes cast for all candidates for governor. A plurality vote will not win passage. Example: If there are four million total votes cast for all eight gubernatorial (you don't suppose that's where the term 'goober' came from, do you?) candidates, then there must be at least two million and ONE votes to pass the amendment. Anything less and it fails. This is mighty important stuff, and the SP folks are very well organized in their effort to see this fail. Every vote is crucial!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Does This Apple Fall Far Enough From The Tree?

There has never been, to my knowledge, a member of Harold Ford, Jr's family that has left politics under a positive note. They seem to have written the book on political disgrace. As the old saying goes, an apple never falls far from the tree. But, is this a fair assumption? I personally don't think so. He should be judged on his own merit.

I have seen Mr. Ford numerous times on Fox News Channel (surprise!) and he has always handled himself very well. He is articulate, eloquent, and always seems to say what people want to hear, regardless of their political persuasion. His criticism of his political foes is usually fair and non-confrontational. He comes off cool and under control. Unflappable would be a good word. A rising star.

Then, he announced his candidacy for Senator Frist's job, and Mr. Cool went by the wayside. No more Mister Nice Guy! He got ugly! Now, instead of saying how much he looks forward to working together for the common good of our country with the President, he cannot say one nice thing about him. Now, instead of taking the 'high road' in the campaign, he has resorted to 'gutter politics'. In all fairness, so has his opponent. Sadly, that's the way it's done these days, and we get cheated in the process, and usually end up voting for a lesser of evils.

He claims he is a moderate. He claims he works hard. I see no proof of either. What started as a breath of fresh air is fast becoming just one more 'ill wind that blows' in the Democratic Party, and that is a shame. Will the real Harold Ford, Jr. please stand up?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

'Til They Cry "Jimmy Carter"!

Squeeze 'em with sanctions until they cry "Jimmy Carter"!
That's right, the only way to deal with ol' Ping Pong (or whatever his name is) and the North Korea mess is to hit them where it hurts. In the proverbial pocket book. Sadly, he is already starving his people, so economic sanctions will have little or no effect on the population.

We can't do anything militarily at this point in time or South Korea will bear the real brunt of retaliation. Even if we squashed North Korea like a bug, the immediate impact on South Korea would be devastating. And, don't think for a minute the Ping Pong bunch aren't aware of that fact. Seoul is, I think, just thirty five to forty miles south of the DMZ.

So, once again, money talks. I have felt all along that this is really what the North Koreans want. More money. They just have such a strange way of asking. I'm sure they have already squandered the windfall Jimmy Carter laid in their laps during those wonderful Clinton years. They probably spent millions trying to surgically wipe the big smiles off their collective faces!

Thankfully, or hopefully, or both, Carter doesn't have a trip planned again. We simply couldn't afford that, although we could send Jesse Jackson or Ted Kennedy this time. Think about it! Jesse Jackson and/or Ted Kennedy in exchange for North Korea's nuclear program. What a deal! But I don't think they're that dumb (the North Koreans)!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Blame Game!

Washington D.C.: The national feeding trough of over-reaction mixed with an ample amount of disingenuousness. And, we all know what you get when you run a steady diet of this stuff through the alimentary canal of your standard issue politician!

With that said, it is now time to play the 'BLAME GAME', and both sides of the aisle play it, and play it well!

Okay, Mark Foley is more than slightly screwed up. He is gone, as he should be. He deserves no further consideration or special treatment. But, if everybody in our Capitol played by the same rules, which they do not, he should be gone not for what he is, but for what he did.

But that ain't gonna happen! The political vultures have quickly circled in to feed on the carcass of a destroyed career and ruined life (when Nancy Pelosi flies does she have 'carrion' luggage? Sorry, just couldn't resist). His conviction before trial and presentation of evidence is pretty standard stuff these days. These folks have gotta have their outrage!

And, of course, someone else also must suffer. Not just Foley. Ain't enough! The Dems are now calling for Dennis Hastert to resign. For what, I don't really know. Let's go back a few years. There was a Representative in Congress by the name of Studds (sp?). He actually had a sexual encounter with a male page, while then-Speaker-of-the-House Tip O'Neil totally turned his back on the entire situation. Like it never happened. Studds was subsequently re-elected to five more terms in Congress by his liberal constituency and O'Neil never dealt with the problem. And, he was never asked to resign. Can you say 'double standard'? Hmmm.....

When Barney Franks 'came out' he was wrongly vilified by the 'right' and wrongly praised by the 'left'. The outrage came from the right this time. He should have been judged soley on his contribution to his country, nothing more. He, like Mark Foley, will be judged for his lifestyle by a much higher authority. But, it just doesn't work that way inside the Beltway. These folks have gotta have their outrage! The difference is, no one was asked to resign! Can you say double standard? Hmmm.....

Now, I do seem to remember another incident involving an intern and a 'high up' public official. It seems there was little or no outrage from the left that time, either. So, I guess it's much better to have sex in the oval office and then lie to the world about it than it is to send alleged lurid e-mails to teenage boys. Can you say double standard? Hmmm.....

The sadness of it all is simply this: Not one time have I heard an utterance of compassion. Not one time have I heard the word 'forgiveness'. Not one time have I heard a call for prayer on behalf of Mr. Foley, that he can find it in his heart to repent for his actions, to find the strength to turn his life around, to ask God for His divine help.

The priorities of a secular society don't seem to leave much room for human decency. And that may be the saddest part of all.