Sunday, October 15, 2006

Does This Apple Fall Far Enough From The Tree?

There has never been, to my knowledge, a member of Harold Ford, Jr's family that has left politics under a positive note. They seem to have written the book on political disgrace. As the old saying goes, an apple never falls far from the tree. But, is this a fair assumption? I personally don't think so. He should be judged on his own merit.

I have seen Mr. Ford numerous times on Fox News Channel (surprise!) and he has always handled himself very well. He is articulate, eloquent, and always seems to say what people want to hear, regardless of their political persuasion. His criticism of his political foes is usually fair and non-confrontational. He comes off cool and under control. Unflappable would be a good word. A rising star.

Then, he announced his candidacy for Senator Frist's job, and Mr. Cool went by the wayside. No more Mister Nice Guy! He got ugly! Now, instead of saying how much he looks forward to working together for the common good of our country with the President, he cannot say one nice thing about him. Now, instead of taking the 'high road' in the campaign, he has resorted to 'gutter politics'. In all fairness, so has his opponent. Sadly, that's the way it's done these days, and we get cheated in the process, and usually end up voting for a lesser of evils.

He claims he is a moderate. He claims he works hard. I see no proof of either. What started as a breath of fresh air is fast becoming just one more 'ill wind that blows' in the Democratic Party, and that is a shame. Will the real Harold Ford, Jr. please stand up?

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