Thursday, October 26, 2006

Random Rants To Rile The Left

"FREE BEER - PAY TOILETS" There was a time when I thought this was a wonderfully funny line! But, if you take the time to really analyze the concept, you come to realize it pretty well captures the essence of liberalism. And there ain't nothin' funny 'bout that! Eventually, the free beer will be gone. Then what?

"CAN YOU SAY TACKY?" Can anyone out there tell me exactly why the RNC paid for the very ridiculous, and very tacky, commercial about Harold Ford at the Playboy Club? What, if I may ask, does that have to do with his ability or inability to be a member of Congress? I certainly have no plans to vote for the man, but not because he likes football and girls.

"COULD THIS REALLY BE TRUE?" I couldn't find a reference to this in Snopes, but I received this from a very reliable source (the internet, hah). At a recent Democratic fundraiser in New York, Bill Clinton was reported to have asked Ted Kennedy if he would give Hillary a ride home. It's just a joke, okay?

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