Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fancy Nancy Makes Me Antsy!

This country's worst political nightmare could happen next Tuesday. If the election should give the majority in the House of Representatives to the democrats, then Nancy Pelosi would become the Speaker of the House. The implications are too scary for words.

We have all been kept apprised of where she stands and what she will try to do and try to undo if this should happen, so lets take this time to examine Pelosi the person. I will draw my information from the book entitled, "Do as I Say, Not As I Do, Profiles In Liberal Hypocrisy", written by Peter Schweitzer (which is very well documented). This is a great book, by the way.

Pelosi hates George Bush. She thinks the Republicans have no concerns about poverty. She has tried to pass legislation to prevent the Boy Scouts from using public facilities such as schools. She has claimed to be an environmentalist, tried to force the U.S. Olympic Committee to hold Gay Olympics, and proved to be strong opposition when Clinton signed the Gingrich-induced welfare reform legislation.

Dennis Hastert is worth less than $1 million, Pelosi is worth more than $50 million. Not bad! She has a $1 million investment in a private partnership called Lions Gate Limited, a golf development entity. They have broken agreements, violated environmental laws and turned their backs on regulatory obligations. So where is Miss Nancy, the environmental goddess? Counting her money, maybe?

The Pelosis have a multimillion-dollar portfolio including several high-tech companies which outsource production to Asia. They discourage union labor within their companies, and she is totally against magnet schools.

I could go on and on, but I would encourage you to buy the book, as it is quite a fascinating read.

Bottom line: Beware, my friends. I know that George W. Bush and the Republicans have made some huge blunders. But I know, also, that this nation is in much safer hands with them in control rather than to turn the reins over to a liberal agenda that has no plan at all, other than to discredit/destroy George Bush in anyway they can. Listen - they have no message, no ideas, no solutions. None.


Cass said...

Please --

Under Bush and co the world is a scarier place. They operate on fear tactics, have eroded our liberties, dumped on the constitution. The worst presidential regime ever.

Long live, and yes -- God Bless America! Just give us a new leader.

(I know this will never appear, just wanted you to know not all believers in God share your extreme right views.)

Dougie said...

Cass, Why would I not post this? If we cannot share opinions, ideas, etc. however far apart we are in our hearts, what would be the point of all this? I sincerely appreciate your comment, although I still think Pelosi is a thug. Get the book. It's an eye opener. Thanks, Doug

Anonymous said...

If this fool thinks Bush is the worst regime ever look at some of past Democratic blunders CLINTON>>>>>>> need I say more