Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Can Create My Own Guilt!

People will never turn to the church for what they can already find in the world. Profound? I think so. Original? No, but I like it! Why? Because it spells out in very plain and clear English (oops, should I use the word 'language' instead?) exactly what is going wrong with many of the mainline churches today.

I recently left the Episcopal Church (TEC) after many years of loyal and active membership. I left physically two weeks ago. I left spiritually in June when TEC elected a woman to be the Presiding Bishop. Did I leave because she was a woman? No, not at all. I left because, on her first morning as PB-elect, she prayed to "Mother Jesus"! I left because she represents a religious body that condones unrepentant sin, does not offer credence to the Virgin Birth or to the Resurrection. In short, I left because they (TEC) no longer remain true to scripture.

What ever happened to the grand notion that the culture should be brought to the church? Instead, the church has been brought to the culture. Virtually consumed by it, actually. So why bother? I live in the culture everyday. If church has become nothing more than an extension of all that is wrong in the world, I think I'm just going to sleep in on Sunday morning. Why should I go out of the way just to get a dose of "same ol', same ol", when I can just roll over and catch a few more Z's? I'm human, I can create my own guilt, so why should I pay an equally guilty church to do it for me?

This nation is in serious trouble. We have problems far beyond the war on terror. We have problems far beyond all the immigration issues that face us. We are a nation embroiled in spiritual warfare. The 'secular progressives' are slowly and methodically undermining the pinions of our society. They have an agenda that is 'hell-bent' on turning our country into a "Godless" state. And they are winning! You can see it in our churches, our schools and in our government. Unless we can somehow wake up to this fact, we are doomed as a society, and we must not let this happen.

By the way (number one), I didn't really 'sleep in' this Sunday. Two weeks ago our parish voted by an 86% margin to leave the Episcopal Church. We are now part of the world-wide Anglican Communion. We now worship as St. Patrick's Anglican Church, free from the politics and the heresy of TEC. Praise God! By the way (number two), our attendance has been up both Sundays!

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