Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So, Where Is The Outrage?

Michael Richards lost his 'cool' at a couple of hecklers at a comedy club in LA, showed his butt, and then stupidly used the "N" word. What a guy! The story out of the Hollywood community is simple: "He is really not that way". "Poor Richard just got mad and lost his head, he's not really a racist". "He was truly sorry he said that after he regained his composure, so everything is fine now".

What is missing in this picture? The outrage. There is no outrage. None at all. Why do you suppose there is no outrage? Try this: IT'S BECAUSE HE IS A HOLLYWOOD LIBERAL, THAT'S WHY! HE'S ONE OF THEM, THAT'S WHY! Never mind that what he did and what he said was totally and completely despicable. Totally and completely beyond human decency. Totally and completely indefensible. It just totally and completely doesn't matter. To them.

Now, let's back up a few months: Mel Gibson was stopped for a traffic violation and subsequently arrested for DUI. As he should have been. He, in his drunken stupor (Michaels was sober), lost his cool and stupidly used the "J" word. So, where was the kindness, the compassion, the understanding from the Hollywood community then? Where were all the kind words. the support? Can anybody remember seeing the community rallying around poor ol' Mel in his time of trial? Not on your life! Can anybody remember the outrage? You bet your sweet 'whatchamacallit' you do! For weeks on end! For months on end! And, it still ain't over! And, if the Hollywood lefties have their way, it never will be over! Well, maybe if they could give him 30 days in the electric chair and then hang him! Probably not!

Can you say 'double standard'? Can you say 'disingenuous'? Can you say 'hypocrisy'? Can you say 'liberal Hollywood mentality'? In the immortal words of KC, "That's the way they like it, uh-ha, uh-ha".

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