Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Dougie Rants Noose Alert !!!

Saddam Hussein's life has ended. Hanged by the neck until dead. A fitting end to life for this monster, who never showed remorse, murdered countless thousands of people, including members of his own family, and remained defiant until the end.

And, I have heard very little from those who oppose capital punishment. No one has come forward advocating mercy and rehabilitation. No one has suggested that none of this was really his fault, that he was a victim of society. No one has asked for years of endless appeals. Or should I say 'yet'? Maybe a little bit of that good Texas criminal law rubbed off on those people. So, maybe this was a good thing. Get it over with quickly. No use in just hanging around when you're at the end of your rope (so to speak). Okay, that was tacky, but I am personally finding it very difficult to think good thoughts for this very evil creature. Chalk it up to human failng, if you will. The world is a better place without him.

But, if you will take a moment to remember, let's revisit the day our troops found Saddam cowering in a 'spider hole', trying desparately to avoid capture. President Bush told America, "Now, the former dictator of Iraq will face the justice he denied to millions. For the vast majority of Iraqi citizens, the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever".

Enter one Howard Dean: "The capture of Saddam has not made America safer...". Then neither did the defeat of Hitler, Tojo or Mussoulini. Right!

Enter one John Kerry: "Saddam's capture is an important step toward stabilizing Iraq for the Iraqis"...but then went on to disparage the Bush administration.

The list goes on, and on, and on, and...

The bottom line is this: Had the United States of America followed the path of these great thinkers, Saddam Hussein would still be alive today. He would still be in power today. He would still be the brutal, murdering dictator of Iraq, training suicide bombers to kill Americans, offering a safe haven to terrorists, and the turmoil in the middle east would be no closer to resolve.

This is not to say we do not have huge problems facing us, for we surely do. This is not to say we do not need to re-think our strategies for victory, for we surely must. But, what we must NOT do is lose our resolve in the winds of discontent spawned by the 'political correctness' advocates. We can win the war against terrorism only by remaining united in our cause.

We must 'shut off' the discourse of discontent that is dividing us. And that will become a much more difficult challenge when the leadership of the House and Senate changes hands in January. The rhetoric of the left will then become 'official'. So watch, listen, and be vocal. These folks only need to be around for two years, then we can send them packing. And, don't be overly kind to the folks on the right side of the aisle, either. It seems it is becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between the left and the right. And that ain't good!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions !

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Oh, what to do? Sometimes our lives come to a point when we only have so much time to devote to certain things, and we must make hard, fast decisions as to how best use that time. This happened to me this past week, and I had to decide how to best use what little time I had available. My son Larry calls these little time frames "windows'. Here was my dilemma: Do I watch the "View", or do I pull out my thumb nails? As they say in real estate, "Time is of the essence". Oh, what to do?

The doctor said my thumbs, although very sore, are doing fine and, in just a few short months, should be completely healed. The nails WILL grow back in due time. This is a good thing.

Okay, I didn't really pull out my thumb nails. I just wanted to make a point, which is: Why anyone would want to actually sit and watch that show is beyond me. Or even watch it standing up. Rosie O'Donnell is, in my humble opinion, a very disgusting person. I say this, not because of her lifestyle (that is strictly between her and God), but because of what emits from her mouth. She is, quite obviously, not a happy person, and that is sad. She is not physically attractive, which she cannot help anymore than I can help it that I don't look more like Sean Connerly, but, also quite sadly, I find her un-attractive on the inside, too. She can be quite vicious unless you happen to agree with her on every issue. And, she is now the dominant personality on the show.

Back to this week. I didn't actually watch the "View", but there was no way to escape it if a person watched any TV news at all. It was everywhere! Hillary was on one day trying to convince the world she was really a nice person who wanted to be the first 'Mom' to run for president. Give me a break! Then I heard she was re-releasing her book entitled "It Takes a Village to Have an Idiot", or something like that. Then we had Rosie and Donald Trump lock horns, both acting like nine year olds. Wow, the drama was completely underwhelming! Who cares?

There is, however, possible good news in all of this: If a person could actually get caught up in this whirlwind world of non-reality, the problems of the real world could just go away. Think about it. No more terrorism, no more political correctness. No more ACLU (we could then have God back in our culture). No more illness or disease or hunger or lonliness. The world would be at peace. We could all, then, just 'get along' and everything would come up roses!

Or is that Rosie?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

"And Man Will Live For Evermore, Because Of Christmas Day"

I have a friend in New Zealand. In fact, in Christ Church, New Zealand. What a wonderful name for a city! In fact, again, I have several friends in New Zealand. New friends, perhaps, but the bond has been forged. We all met at a wedding in Carmel Valley, California in June. Remarkably warm, fun, and devoutly Christian people, they will be in my life, heart and mind from now on, even though we have no guarantee of ever overcoming the geography that separates us. We are, however, able to stay connected by e-mail until...who knows?

I single out one friend here, in particular, because he sent me an e-mail written by a man from Wellington, New Zealand by the name of Nigel Irwin. He is the author of the incredibly wonderful piece of writing that follows, and he has graciously granted me permission to share it with you here. It is timely. It is true. And it shares the lament of people from two completely different parts of the world who are saddened by the total commercialization of what should be our most sacred holiday:

“And man will live for evermore, because of Christmas Day.”

The Calypso Carol hints at the enormous significance of the day we celebrate
as Christ’s birthday. Yet as I heard it on a popular, mainstream radio
station this morning, I saw no-one stopping to consider what those words
mean, no-one pausing in gratitude and certainly no-one smiling and singing

There are 10 days now until Christmas Day. I’m trying my best to be numb to
the materialism, hype and manic busy-ness of Christmas this year – trying
instead to consider deeply and often, the immense implications of a King
born to us, by His virgin mother and eternal Father.

You can stand back and observe what happens to people at Christmas – and it
is both fascinating and quite sad. Firstly, the wallets, cheque-books and credit-cards come out. Spending in NZ goes through the proverbial roof throughout December in preparation of mass gift-exchanging and indulgent overeating/drinking to take
place on Dec 25. People crowd into shopping malls and supermarkets, elbowing
their way through crowds as they amass their merchandise haul. Most will have faces
set in stone, teeth gritted and jaws set as they determinedly strive to get
this madness over with as quickly as possible.

There is incredible pressure on families at Christmas time. I know, it is nothing new, but the more I think about it, the more I am saddened by it. Finance companies do a roaring trade at Christmas as cash-strapped families take out loans to pay for Christmas gifts and season fare. Their repayments often take them through until the following Christmas and sometimes beyond, until they end up operating on a revolving line of credit… just for Christmas.

Inevitably, some families crack under the pressure – Woman’s Refuge shelters fill up, couples separate and divorce, and the children who unwittingly become embroiled in all of this, learn that along with Christmas stockings and brightly wrapped boxes under the tree, come harsh words, arguments, violence and tension.

All, in the name of Christmas.

On the radio the other day, the DJ implored his listeners to remember what Christmas was really all about – the big guy in the red suit, delivering cheer and goodwill. Since red suits don’t seem to be the logical apparel of a nomadic Prophet, I am forced to believe this DJ was referring to Santa Claus. Oh the pity of it.

I try not to be so precious and jealous with Christian festivals and holidays, but it really brasses me off that the greater population can take Christmas, the celebration of hope born to mankind, and turn it into a frenzied mish-mash of busy-ness, debt, tension, drunkenness, consumerism, and materialism.

Somehow we’ve allowed ourselves to put aside the most precious Christmas gift ever given – the gift of eternal hope and extravagant love. Like a young child sitting under the Christmas tree, we’ve unwrapped the Christ-child and immediately cast Him aside, choosing instead to play with brightly-coloured wrapping paper that will add to tomorrow’s trash.

It feels great to give quality gifts. I can imagine the smile on God’s face as He prepared His Son for us – knowing how good indeed, this gift would be. I also imagine that smile turn into desperate sadness as He then watches us completely miss the point and turn Christmas into the very thing
it was NOT designed to be.

“And man will live for evermore, because of Christmas Day.”

That is the real gift. Hope eternal, life everlasting. I hope and pray you will all take time out to dwell on this, and experience true joy and richest blessings - to all of you, I wish a Christ-filled Christmas!

Nigel Irwin

Thursday, December 07, 2006

True Peace Is Not The Absence Of War...

'True peace is not the absence of war, it is the absence of evil'. This simple little statement is where conservatives and liberals part company. It is so incredibly profound it tells us volumes about the difference between the conservative and liberal philosophies. HELLO, I AM NOT SAYING THAT ALL LIBERALS ARE NECESSARILY EVIL. OKAY? THEY ARE NOT! OKAY? What I am saying is, in my humble opinion, the liberal agenda does not allow for this type of mindset. In the liberal agenda, war is war, peace is peace, and evil simply does not enter into the equation. If, indeed, evil DID enter into the equation, then both conservatives and liberals would be on the same page when it comes to our national security. And, in case you haven't noticed, THEY AIN'T!

George W. Bush, to his credit, identified terrorism as evil. He recognized the simple fact that the only way to deal with terrorism is to destroy the roots of evil behind it. Has he done this without mistakes? No, he has not. Did he promise it would be over quickly? No, he did not. To the contrary, he warned our country that this war could last for many years, although it seems the liberals have conveniently forgotten that part of the speech.

There has never been a war fought without mistakes and there never will be. We lost 11,000 soldiers in ONE DAY when our troops went ashore at Normandy. Were mistakes made? You betcha! Were there unforseen circumstances? You betcha! War is a nasty, vile business. Sadly, people will die. But what are the options? Surrender? Bury our collective heads in the sand, just hoping this will all go away? Negotiate? Get real.

During the 1990's, our then sitting President (I am assuming he did sit up at least once in a while) was faced with many terrorist attacks during his tenure in office. He chose to avoid war, choosing instead to attempt to arrest, prosecute and imprison the bad guys. History bears out that this was mere political folly. We lost hundreds and hundreds of people while the terrorist community laughed in our faces.

Former President Jimmy Carter lashed out at George W. Bush for his wonderfully inspiring "axis of evil" speech. He was afraid Bush had hurt the feelings of the North Koreans, the Iranians, and Saddam Hussein. He said, "It will take years before we can repair the damage of that statement". Can you say ridiculous? This, from the same man who's presidency became a laughing stock when Iran held American citizens hostage for 444 days. It is incomrehensible to me how a person could do nothing but wring his hands for that many days and not break something.

To the Clinton administration's credit, they did kick the Branch Davidian's butts in Waco. Another tragic piece of misguided American history. And don't forget about little Elian Gonzalez. Janet Reno sure showed him a thing or two! Where was this tough resolve when it would have meant something? Pick on little kids and religious fanatics, but don't go after the terrorists who blew a hole in the side of the USS Cole, killing many of our finest young men. This is totally, completely indefensible!

These are the facts. This is all true and documented stuff. And, I could go on for several hundred more pages, but what's the use? If I haven't made my point by now I never will.

This is not about the economy, or the deficit, or building new roads. This is about the very survival of our nation, our life style, our freedom and the freedom of those who will follow us. And, for some sad, scary reason, it seems our country has seen fit to bring these people back to power. And their idea of peace simply cannot, and will not, endure the test of time. May God save us all.