Friday, December 22, 2006

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions !

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Oh, what to do? Sometimes our lives come to a point when we only have so much time to devote to certain things, and we must make hard, fast decisions as to how best use that time. This happened to me this past week, and I had to decide how to best use what little time I had available. My son Larry calls these little time frames "windows'. Here was my dilemma: Do I watch the "View", or do I pull out my thumb nails? As they say in real estate, "Time is of the essence". Oh, what to do?

The doctor said my thumbs, although very sore, are doing fine and, in just a few short months, should be completely healed. The nails WILL grow back in due time. This is a good thing.

Okay, I didn't really pull out my thumb nails. I just wanted to make a point, which is: Why anyone would want to actually sit and watch that show is beyond me. Or even watch it standing up. Rosie O'Donnell is, in my humble opinion, a very disgusting person. I say this, not because of her lifestyle (that is strictly between her and God), but because of what emits from her mouth. She is, quite obviously, not a happy person, and that is sad. She is not physically attractive, which she cannot help anymore than I can help it that I don't look more like Sean Connerly, but, also quite sadly, I find her un-attractive on the inside, too. She can be quite vicious unless you happen to agree with her on every issue. And, she is now the dominant personality on the show.

Back to this week. I didn't actually watch the "View", but there was no way to escape it if a person watched any TV news at all. It was everywhere! Hillary was on one day trying to convince the world she was really a nice person who wanted to be the first 'Mom' to run for president. Give me a break! Then I heard she was re-releasing her book entitled "It Takes a Village to Have an Idiot", or something like that. Then we had Rosie and Donald Trump lock horns, both acting like nine year olds. Wow, the drama was completely underwhelming! Who cares?

There is, however, possible good news in all of this: If a person could actually get caught up in this whirlwind world of non-reality, the problems of the real world could just go away. Think about it. No more terrorism, no more political correctness. No more ACLU (we could then have God back in our culture). No more illness or disease or hunger or lonliness. The world would be at peace. We could all, then, just 'get along' and everything would come up roses!

Or is that Rosie?

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Kathy T. said...

The whole Rosie and Donald thing is irritating to me. Both are icky, in my opinion.