Tuesday, January 30, 2007

From Al Sharpton To al Qaeda

Okay, try this. Just sit back, close your eyes and relax. Now try to picture this scenario: American women, dressed in Berkas, faces covered, walking ten steps behind their husbands. Gays and lesbians being slaughtered in the streets. Countless millions of Christians being murdered by Muslim terrorists in their home towns all across our once great country. Holy Bibles confiscated and burned. The Koran is now the official religious document of the day. No more American flag. No more Ten Commandments. No more Pledge of Allegiance. No more nothing. The Secular Progressives and the ACLU have actually become non-entities, and, more than likely, non-existent (not a bad thought, in itself).

Now, if you are still sitting back, with your eyes closed, relaxed, you are either totally out of touch with reality, completely stupid, or a combination thereof.

So, you say, this could never happen to us in our own country. So, you say, our government would never allow this to happen. So, you say, Dougie is nothing but a right-wing conservative alarmist. So you say. Well, let us all pray to God (while we still can) that I have overstated the consequences of losing the war on terrorism. Of course, I don't know what will happen, no one does. But it makes perfectly good sense to assume that if we leave Iraq before our mission is over, that the bad guys will follow us home.

The bottom line is this: As I am writing this 'Rant' there are people from the left wing in our government searching the Constitution for legal precedent to undermine the President's authority to continue to prosecute this war! They are looking for any means by which to destroy the Presidency of George W. Bush and bring our troops home. The message they are sending to the enemy is simple and clear: We, as a nation, no longer have the stomach to fight, or the will to win. We, as a nation, want out. We, as a nation, are willing to chance the loss of our freedom in exchange for a hollow peace.

Am I thrilled with the way things are going in Iraq? No. Am I saying that terrible mistakes have not been made? No. Am I saying that I believe our very existence as a nation is in grave danger if we give up the fight, tuck tail and run like cowards? YES! History bears out our military failures when left wingers have been in control of our government. The Clintons, Pelozis, Kennedys, Kerrys, and Deans will not fight the fight against evil. We will go from Al Sharpton to al Qaeda.

Close your eyes again and picture those airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center towers, and the ensuing destruction and horrible loss of life. Do you honestly believe in your heart of hearts that this would never happen again? Do you honestly believe the terrorists would never unleash weapons of mass destruction on our cities? Do you honestly believe the terrorists would not be unrelentless in their quest to destroy us? Okay, I think it's time now to open your eyes.

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