Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Left Wingers: Between Iraq And A Hard Place

In the event anyone out there pays any attention to my rantings at all, yes, I did use a portion of this title several months ago. Back then, it was entitled George W. Bush: Between Iraq And A Hard Place. Same Iraq, different hard place.

George W. Bush's hard place continues on, and he is in a tough spot, both politically and militarally (is that a word?). He actually DID win the Iraqi war he set out to win in about the first thirty days. Complete regime change. Downfall of Saddam Hussein. Well done! But then the insurgency began, and, since then, we have been fighting a war we never planned to fight. But this is not exactly an epiphany at this point in time. And, I digress.

Back to the left wingers and their problem. Do they have (a) the courage to win the war in Iraq should they win the Presidency, and (b) do they have the courage to stop the war in any event? I think not.

History tells us that in the past fifty years, or so, the left wingers have failed miserably in virtually every military event they have been involved in. It's a no-brainer. There is no historical fact to make anyone believe that they could go into Iraq and possess the ability and/or the will to win. You can bet your sweet donkey the terrorists are licking their lips in anticipation of a Democratic takeover of our government.

History also tells us the left wingers will not have the fortitude to stop the war. They yack on and on about bringing the troops home by a certain date, cutting off funding for the war and this and that. Bottom line: If either or any of these options were to actually happen, this would put the onus of responsibility squarely on the backs of the left wingers. George W. Bush would be totally off the hook. It would no longer be his dilemma, it would then become theirs.

So, barring a quick trip to OZ, they will never muster the heart, courage, or brains to pull either option off. They will simply continue to posture, like roosters in the barnyard, trying desparately to destroy the Bush presidency in the process. And they are doing this nation a huge injustice in the meantime.

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