Thursday, February 15, 2007

Monty Python Re-Visited !!!

So, does anyone out there actually believe in re-incarnation? I certainly don't! And, I didn't believe in it the last time I was here, either! But, there is this one, wierd little question that keeps running through the back of my mind: Is it possible that Monty Python has come back in the person of Al Gore? Naw, not really! But, what if...?

I haven't seen Al Gore's movie (probably won't, to be truthful), but I can guess that it is every bit as serious and well documented as Monty Python's 'Holy Grail', truly one of the all time cinema classics. Al Gore has really outdone himself this time. A hit movie, a Grammy. Wow! Most people would have been content with just inventing the internet, but not our Al. Good job, big guy! And, living in a fantasy world probably pays very well, too.

Why don't you ask the folks in up-state New York how they feel about 'global warming'. Bet you'll get an earfull! In fact, why don't you ask me? I'm freezing!

The big scare thirty years ago was all about 'global freezing'. Some of you can remember that, I'm sure. So, what happened? My guess would be that all the hot air that went on back then about 'global freezing' actually caused what is known today as 'global warming'.

That is just one of my many theories on the subject. Another theory would be that our politicians have discovered an entire new industry: The 'theory' industry. Simply find a theory that sounds plausible, put it out there as fact, and a whole bunch of people will jump on the band wagon and say, "Yah, that must be true", and you're off to the races! Bottom line: If you can sell a good theory to the world, you will make a whole lot of money selling books, giving speeches, and making movies, even without those who don't buy into your 'uh theory. And the hot air goes on and on and on, effecting a certain validation without requiring proof. Perhaps the word 'hypothesis' would be a better fit here than 'theory'.

As I understand it, filtering fact and fiction, the temperature of this planet has risen a whopping one degree since 1900, and there are scientists out there who claim to have proven that temperature variations are cyclical. Are they? I certainly don't know, and I don't really think you do either.

I continue to hear reports from Great Britain regarding how short the growing season has become there. Hundreds of years ago, for example, there were lush vineyards all across Great Britain producing wonderful quality grapes for wine. Today, the growing season is so short the vineyards no longer exist. This must be treated as no more a piece of fiction than all of the so-called global warming facts we are being fed today. And we can't even wash them down with a good glass of wine!

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