Thursday, April 12, 2007

Can You Say Hypocrite ???

Can you say hypocrite? The Duke University lacrosse team mates were finally exonerated recently after more than a year of wrongful prosecution by a power hungry, politically driven, local attorney general (Mike Nifong) who, for his own personal reasons, chose to ruin the lives of these young men for his own gain. The accusations against them were false from the start, without merit, and evidence developed during the investigation that proved their innocence. DNA is pretty conclusive, as I understand it. Still, he proceeded with his agenda of destruction until he had backed himself into a corner he could not escape from, then simply walked away. This is just SO wrong.

Mike Nifong deserves to be dis-barred, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for what he did.

And, don't forget about good ol' Jesse Jackson, among others, who is always at the center of the problem, but never the solution. When these young men were arrested, he already had them charged, convicted and sentenced. So where is he now? I hope no one is naive enough to think he would actually apologize for his actions. That just not his style. Can you say hypocrite?


Don Imus made a stupid, ugly, racist remark last week on his radio show about the Rutgers University ladies basketball team. It was completely in-defensible. But that is what Imus is all about. Or is it?

CBS Radio and MSNBC have now decided to cancel his radio show, succumbing to pressure from sponsors, and people like Jesse Jackson (again) and Al Sharpton, two professional racists in their own right. We all remember, I'm sure, Mr. Jackson's reference to New York City as "Hymie Town". So this is really nothing more than business as usual. Left wing hypocrisy at its best. Sorry, I digress.....

Should Mr. Imus be punished for his remarks? No doubt. Should he have been fired? Probably not. Every person on God's green earth has two sides. Like it or not, we are all human beings in a fallen world. We are not perfect.

I would submit that we all have two lists that chronicle our 'human-ness': A good list and a bad list. Hopefully, and by the grace of God, our good list is much longer than our bad list. I would like to think that Mr. Imus has a good list that is much longer than his bad list, but that wouldn't seem to matter to the hypocrites that took him down. And, if I remember Scripture correctly, it is not our place to make judgements.

I would suspect, purely based on certain things that Mr. Imus has done with his life, that his good list, like most of us, is much, much longer than his bad list. I believe this fact would, and should, have a positive bearing on his future. As Joe South said in his song, "Walk a mile in my shoes". Time will tell.

I do have an idea, however, that probably won't work: Air America, the left wing radio outfit, is bankrupt both financially and in message. They need a huge change in direction and editorial content to become profitable and survive, unless George Soros continues to write a check every month to keep them on the air.

Don Imus needs a job. He could actually be the man to pull them out of their dilemma and turn things around. He has the experience. He has a built in following. All the hypocritical politicians that used to beg for time on his show, and then turned on him, would have a great new venue. He needs a second chance, and they need all the help they can get. It's a natural fit!

If anyone out there believes this could actually happen, please contact me at once. I have some ocean front property in Cannon County I want to talk to you about.

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Kathy T. said...

Whatdya know! We are in agreement! See, I knew I could make you lean a little more to the left! :)