Friday, April 20, 2007

Keep Those Cards And Letters Coming In !!!

April 19, 2007: The war in Iraq is over. "We have lost". This, according to Harry Reid, whom I thought was supposed to be on our side. Wrong again! Ol' Harry isn't necessarily against The United States of America, which anyone with even a small amount of intelligence might think after listening to him for any length of time. It's just that he is so much against George W. Bush that he sounds like he is an enemy of our country. There is no way anyone can remain objective about anything when they harbor the kind of hatred the far left-wingers have for George W. Bush.

There is no doubt that things are going poorly in Iraq. There is no doubt we need to re-think strategy there. Even the Bush-ites will acknowledge this. But surrender? We have lost?
What an absolutely stupid, un-American thing to say. We may have lost our patriotism. We may have lost our will. We may have lost our leadership in Congress. We may have lost the war in Washington, but we haven't lost the war in Iraq. And, I don't think that Harry Reid has the authority to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, anyway. I think Nancy Pelosi feels like that should be her job. What a pair! It is exactly this mind-set that cost us the war in Vietnam, and now, here we go again. When will we ever learn?

I have said this in the past in total jest, but now I'm not so sure it isn't a fine idea afterall: People should be required to pass a test in order to vote. Not an intelligence test, but a test that would reveal a voter's awareness and knowledge of current political events, and the ramifications their un-informed vote could create simply because they are clue-less. Actually, I still say this in total jest...but it just might keep people like Reid and Pelosi from taking down our country. Hmmm...

Keep those cards and letters coming in!

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