Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our Sovereignty Is On The Line !!!

Sovereignty: 1. the state or quality of being sovereign. 2. the status, dominion, rule, or authority of a sovereign. 3. supreme and independent political authority: as, state sovereignty. 4. a sovereign state or governmental unit.

Okay, so why am I laboring on the definition of sovereignty? Simple answer: So we will all know what it means when we no longer have it. Or, so we will all remember what it meant back when we used to have it.

Golly-gee Doug, is it gone? Has someone actually taken our sovereignty away from us when we weren't looking? Who would do such a thing? Are you one of those alarmist-type people? Is the sky falling? It's all just a big joke, right?

Wrong! It is not just a big joke, and no, I am not one of those alarmist-type people. Our sovereignty is still intact, but unless somebody out there does something real smart and real quick it is going to be hanging by a thread very soon. This country of ours is in serious doo-doo, folks, AND it is OUR government, AND specifically OUR President that are selling us out!

There is a very well kept secret in the works called the North American Union. In a March, 2005 meeting in Waco, Texas, held at Baylor University, President Bush (our guy), then-President Fox (Mexico) and Prime Minister Martin (Canada) entered into an agreement to form the North American Union and develop a super-regional political and economic entity designed to establish a "tri-lateral partnership".

The ramifications are quite stunning:

1) A North American security plan, designed to allegedly protect North America from external threats and streamline the 'secure and efficient' movement of legitimate, low-risk traffic across our borders. Not their borders, our borders. We will have little or no control as to who comes into our country, or where they came from originally.

2) Establishment of a North American Advisory Council, composed of fifteen individuals, five from each country. They will create an agenda that will give them power to implement programs possibly contrary to the best interests of the United States.

3) The creation of a Permanent Tribunal on Trade and Investment that would, in matters involving the North American Union, have supremacy over our Supreme Court.

4) The creation of a North American Parliamentary Group that would take precedent over Congress in matters relating to the North American Union.

5) The creation of a North American Customs and Immigration Service which would have authority over U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement within the Department of Homeland Security.

6) Establishment of a new currency called the Amero, which will replace the U.S. Dollar, the Canadian dollar, and the Mexican peso.

Is it any wonder why our politicians in Washington (including President Bush) are in no hurry to close our borders? Is it any wonder that this is not the top news story in the liberal elite media? Is it any wonder our fine country is on the verge of going into the dumper?

We, as people of a free nation, need to get vocal. We need to send a strong message to Washington that we are through with them, Republicans and Democrates alike. We need to rid this country of the power-mongers who are so intent on taking us down. We need to stop this madness NOW!

Our sovereignty is on the line!

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