Sunday, April 01, 2007

Random Rants !!!

Fifteen British Sailors and Marines taken captive in Iraqi waters by Iranians. Sound familiar? I think I'm suffering from amnesia and de javu at the same time! The sad thing is they asked their people in command if they should, or could, defend themselves when they saw the Iranian boat approaching, and were told not to defend themselves. Don't make waves, so to speak. Another classic example of political correctness at its best! I am sincerely trying not to be ugly about this, but I'm sorry, I just don't get it. Perhaps we should all be thankful that Jimmy Carter is not the Prime Minister of England!


In the 1960's, the mantra from the left was, "I am tired of your materialism, and I want something for the soul". In the 2000's, the mantra is, "I am still tired of your materialism, and I want to destroy your soul". I honestly don't think it will matter what their mantra will be in another forty years, because our country, as we know it, will probably no longer exist. Our society can not, and will not, survive if the secular progressives continue to gain inroads into our lives and our mindsets. Does anyone out there have an answer? The only answer I have involves getting back in touch with our God and our Christian heritage, and that seems to be getting increasingly more difficult to do.


Why have we heard so little about the free trade corridor that is allegedly being built to connect Mexico to Canada? As I understand it, it will run from Texas, north to the Canadian border. I have heard it will be constructed with Mexican labor, making it even more impossible to track illegals. Also, there is serious talk of a new North American monetary system, similar to the Euro, that will replace our American currency, combining the U.S. dollar, the peso and the Canadian dollar. If this should happen, it will further de-value our dollar in the world market place. Why is our government keeping this quiet? Why are they so willing to destroy our sovereignty? Why are we sitting on our hands, doing nothing?

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