Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm Just A 'Charmin' Kinda Guy !!!

Time Magazine has recently published their annual list of the top 100 most impressive and influentual people on earth. People like Osama bin Laden, Rosie O'Donnell, and the list goes on and on and on. Criminals, flakes, terrorists, etc. Pretty darn impressive, if you ask me! No, please don't ask me.

Did anyone happen to notice the glaring absence of one name? Like George W. Bush. You know, the President of the United States of America. You know, the most powerful political figure on the planet. Oops! You don't think they made a mistake, do you? You don't think they just forgot, do you? I don't!

Obviously, if you lean far enough to the left, your brain becomes imbalanced and it becomes very difficult to make rational decisions. I see it every day, and I'm sure you do too. You do, don't you?

These people (Time Magazine) have blatantly proven, one more time, the total disdain and hatred the media elites hold toward George W. Bush. Their rag-mag, in my opinion, has zero credibility. They are so slanted to the left it's a wonder the ink doesn't slide off the pages.

But, I do have an idea that could make there magazine viable again. Afterall, a product that is useful will sell much better than one that is not useful. Pretty simple when you break it down like that, isn't it.

Here it is: They should stop printing their magazine on expensive high-gloss paper, as is their custom. Instead, they should use a less expensive, more absorbent paper in long strands of perforated squares, and fasten it to a cardboard roll. The public will find this product much more useful, and the end result (so to speak), product-wise, will be very similar.

I think you will have to admit there are not many people out there that would offer such a nice suggestion to a company they despise. I guess I'm just a 'Charmin' kinda guy!


Your good friend, Larry said...

President Bush is many things, but impressive is not one of them.

Dougie said...

Larry, I won't argue his credentials at this point in time. The point of this is that, as presidentof the United States, he should have been on the list. Time Magazine certainly would have listed Clinton and Carter.

Larry said...

As they should have.

Dougie said...

I think you're probably right. Double digit inflation, 15+ percent interest, blue dress. All pretty impressive!

Larry said...

I very sincerely & honestly hope you don't think these are true representations of these American presidents. There are plenty of publications both by these men & about these men which demonstrate their impressive accoumplishments.
If we are going to discuss this kind of topics, let us try to be more academic - or, short of this -more intellectual.

Larry said...

I was teaching school during that 15+% inflation - and in no way would I have tried to leave my students with the impression that either President Ford or Carter were responsible for the economic conditions of the time. I would not have been doing my job.

Larry said...

In regard to the "blue dress" - neither Penthouse nor Playboy selected President Clinton as their impressive man of the year - maybe they put as much emphasis on this as would Time magazine.

larry said...

I'll give you the "blue dress" as a good point - but, he really is an impressive guy. I don't accept the high interest & inflation comments. It would be fallacious to blame either Ford or Carter - there was a lot more involved. I covered most of it in my economics class back in the 70's - but, my mind is gone now.