Friday, September 21, 2007

Just My Opinion !!!! What a great idea! They should move on. And on, and on.....

Sure, they have every right to do what they do, and say what they say, but if anyone out there thinks for a minute they are providing an honest, constructive venue for ideas, they are sadly mistaken. They are extremely far-left wing, heavily financed by George Soros (so money is not an issue with them), and they will literally cut out your political heart if given the provocation to do so.

In case you didn't notice, none of the Democratic nominees for the presidency had the courage to denounce their full page ad in the New York Times. As ignorant as some of them sometimes sound, they are smart enough to know they will be vilified by the left-wing bloggers if they should take a stand against them. They are, in short, running scared. Just my opinion.


My hat goes off to Tim Russert. He is an admitted Democrat, but when he goes to work he checks his politics at the door. He will ask the same tough questions to everyone, regardless of their politics. No holds barred.

He is certainly a breath of fresh air in an industry which has its stinky side. There should be more people in the business with his dignity and character. Just my opinion.

If one listens closely to those on the far-right and to those on the far-left, it is fairly easy to conclude that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The middle is not nearly so agenda-driven.

Although I have been correctly accused of leaning to the right, I find myself as uncomfortable with the far-right as I do the far-left. I can be conservative in my political views without being radical. It's just that the far-left seems to me to have a much more vicious agenda. Just my opinion.


Is it just me, or does it seem to you there is just no logic in our government anymore, on either side. With most of the Democrats and some of the Republicans calling for the imminent withdrawal of our troops from Iraq (and believe me, I would love nothing more than to see them come home), would it not make sense, in the natural order of things, to talk about bringing our troops home from Korea and Germany too? They have been there much, much longer, and we still have an active enemy to deal with in Iraq.

Are we going to bring them (the terrorists) here, too? Seriously, what happens if we indeed do bring our troops home and the terrorists decide to set up shop on our soil? I find this possibility very unsettling and not without merit. Just my opinion.


Larry Whinnery said...

I'm ashamed to admit I'd never really heard of - thanx for the info. - I have marked them as a favorite.

Dougie said...

Hey, glad you're home! Someone, as a sadistic joke I'm sure, signed me up to recieve their e-mails about three years ago. I tried very hard to read their stuff and lasted about one year. I think that if you are going to comment politically, you owe it to yourself, and anyone else out there, to at least make an attempt to hear the other side. The most memorable item I can remember was written by Somebody-or-other Rivers or Rivers-somebody or -other. The name did not stick, and I have never read any of their stuff since then. It was a review of "The Passion", and it was a scathing diatribe about the casting for the film and Mel Gibson's lack of authenticity in the script. Rivers only other point was to say there were no dark-skinned actors and this was in-accurate according to him. Nothing was said about the film, itself, the production or anything else. He then went into a long-winded, negative accounting of the Bush administration, which I could never really connect to the film (obviously). That was when I pulled the plug on

larry whinnery said...

I'd love to read the long-winded, negative accounting of the Bush administration - I'll bet it was "right on".

Dougie said...

I actually don't remember the exact content, but it was back when his (Bush) approval ratings were still quite high. What struck me was how this person could use a phony, non-critical review of a movie as a vehicle to slam Bush. I have no problem with his views on Bush, but it doesn't say much for Rivers' character the way he went about it. In fact, everything I read on was pretty demented in my opinion. I haven't read any of their stuff in a long while, as I consider it non-constructive.

Larry Whinnery said...

I think the "natural order of things" would be to bring home the troops who are in danger of being killed or horribly wounded FIRST. Then, we can start to worry about Korea & Germany.
I'm sorry if that is 'agenda driven' to you. Just my opinion (and many others).

I certainly agree about Tim Russert - Bravo to you. However, as much as I would like to see more like Tim Russert, I would like to see NO Bill O'Reilly even more (and none others like him). Just my opinion (and many others).

What the hell does "they will literally cut out your political heart" mean????

If it is "fairly easy to conclude that the truth lies somewhere in the middle", why are you never there? Your opinion on Iraq certainly doesn't represent anything but 'to the right'.
I would very honestly (as a friend) like to see you live by the idea of being "conservative in (your) political views without being radical". This certainly has not been the case over the years.

What is this MORE "vicious agenda" from the far left?

Larry Whinnery said...

I went ahead and checked today - didn't find anything "demented". I did find, however, quite a few constructive things, although none of them would be considered radical conservative since everything was in opposition to the present administration, which is certainly radical conservative. So I guess the term constructive depends on your own political bent.

Is there no one else reading this blog? - let's have some more opinions. Not that this is boring, I quite enjoy it, and I'd hate to have to resort to using email.