Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oh Well I'm Tired And So Weary !!!

"Oh, well I'm tired and so weary"...this, of course, is the first line in that great old gospel classic, "Peace in the Valley". I am sure this line tells the story of many of our lives today. We live in a very troubled world, a fallen world, if you will. I know it tells me exactly how I feel. I know it also tells me it's time for a change.

When I started "Dougie Rants !!!" a few years ago, it was simply an e-mail letter I sent to friends, family, business aquaintances, and anyone else crazy enough to want to read it, that I thought might be interested whenever I felt strongly enough to 'rant' about a particular subject or event. The list grew into the hundreds (mostly by request). Then came the blog site and finally the column in the Rutherford Reader. It has been sent across the country, and even to friends in New Zealand. I am humbled by the reaction, which has been overwhelmingly positive, with the exception of a small handful of dissenters, which, by the way, made the endeavor even more satisfying because of the exchange of ideas and thoughts.

My thoughts at this time are that the 'rant' has run its course (as all things seem to do). I am burned out, and yearning to do something else. I am just plain tired of 'politics', and I feel I am simply re-hashing the same old issues and nothing really changes.

I have decided to stop doing the 'rant' as it now exists. I want to move into newer things, explore newer ideas, and leave the politics to those that CAN make a difference. It has been a good run, and I thank all those who supported the 'rant'. I will be back in due time with a new format. Until then...

"Oh, well I'm tired and so weary...
But I must go alone...


Larry Whinnery said...

May God bless Dougie in everything he does.

Dougie said...

A sad day...

Dougie said...

Most of us understand how you feel....we also are tired and weary of the
nonsense that has come to represent
daily life in the good ol' U S of A.

We will miss your "voice in the wilderness", as it spoke for us all.

Hurry back!

Dougie said...

It's a sad day in the world of opinion journalism! I have to say I've had differing viewpoints on a reasonable percentage of the topics you've discussed, but I've always seriously enjoyed hearing your take on things. The only conservatives around me on a daily basis are the guys who've been at Microsoft long enough to have serious money to want to protect.

I do understand the frustration with the political situation, though. A while back I decided that, other than the miniscule influence of the single vote (which at least really counts as 5 votes since most people don't bother), the only way to really influence the system would be to become a part of it. And I think I could even enjoy doing that -- but not as much as what I'm doing now, and it wouldn't be the best thing for my family.

So instead, I'll sit back, watch the idiocracy in action, and occasionally try to influence an important issue with an e-mail to a politician here and there.

I do enjoy your writing, and I hope to maybe see "Dougie Raves" or something similar in the near future after you've had a bit of a break!

Denny (Jr)

Anonymous said...

Boy I will really miss reading this blog. I have sent your article to others and they to have enjoyed your writing as well. I am aware that I can always contact you but did look forward to your views on the world.

See you soon,
Your Nephew

Dougie said...

Gidday Doug

I've really enjoyed your "rants". They have been entertaining and at times
thought provoking.

Yes, dealing with politics is certainly a tiring and frustrating pasttime.
I have pretty well given up trying to figure out what goes on in the minds
of the "elected" and have instead been focusing on discovering how I can
regain my own personal freedom and sovereignty. After all, the question has
to be asked; can one in fact be governed without firstly having given one's
consent to be governed? This then leads into questions of how have I
unwittingly granted consent to be governed and how can I reverse it.

Of course some people consider such viewpoints as a precursor to anarchy
however that is not where it's at. I'm just sick and tired of busybody
liberals sticking their noses into my business without my invitation. It
ain't up to them to tell me how to conduct my affairs, after all, I have the
benefit of the ultimate handbook for mankind as provided by the Creator.
That's the only guide (along with direction from the Holy Spirit) that I

Rest up well Doug. Enjoy the break; smell the roses as they say, and should
you decide to again put finger to keypad, put me on your recipients list.

All the best and regards to your family,


Dougie said...

I'm disappointed to hear this, but most definitely understand. Most recently, I took about a one-month sabbatical from my blogs - it even reached the point where regular readers were calling me to see if I was okay. I was, yet I wasn't. I just needed to rest from it. I think a lot came from the fact that people so love to be negative.. they love reading something online and voicing their hatefulness back. It never ceases to amaze me what a mean place the Internet can be.

But after several weeks, I felt better and am back at it. I hope you come back, too, even if it's Dougie's Redefined Rants.

With nothing but fondness,


Dougie said...

I've enjoyed the rant- thanks for all the hard work. I don't have
time to tie my shoes, so I don't know how you found the time to do
all that writing! CW

Dougie said...

Godspeed in your new adventure. May what you contribute come out of a place of rest in Him, and be full of His life.

I love you and pray for you!


Dougie said...

Hi Doug: I'm going to miss "Dougie Rants", but I realize a person can get burned out on about anything. Good luck with your new project when you get it put together. Best, Tom

Dougie said...

Say it aint so...since we found out about this we have really been enjoying your "Rants". I am sure you will come up with something in time. Enjoy the rest and we still hope to see you all Thanksgiving!

Your Nephew